Saturday, October 15, 2011

If the shoe (I mean the dress) fits!

Tonight was our first official Halloween dress up event.  I still haven't even decorated my house, but fortunately this costume has been in the works for some time.  I actually made it two years ago.  I volunteered to make a costume for my friend's daughter and she requested Cinderella.  I bought the Disney pattern and everything.  I have been waiting for Lydia to be big enough to wear it and this was the year. Having a costume finished years ago was just too easy, so I found some bargain trims on a slutty adult costume and morphed the two dresses together.  Somehow, I never managed to put the dress on Lydia until this week.
I knew that when my friend's daughter wore the dress, it was so long she tripped on the hem several times.  I added trims to the skirt, but didn't change the length. Luckily everything was a perfect fit, including the length.  
 Lydia is supposed to wear her costume to school on the Friday before Halloween.  I was really glad that we went to the Zoo's annual Halloween event, Boo at the Zoo, tonight because it gave me a chance to see Lydia walk, run an play in the dress.  I am confident that she will be fine doing everything she needs to do in costume at school... except maybe going to the potty....that is a little difficult!
 Speaking of difficult, I created an updo on a squirming 3 year old, with really fine hair.  I think I deserve an honorary hair doctorate for that one!
 So, with wardrobe in place and hair do done, we met up with batman an family for some Halloween fun.
 I think Cinderella likes Batman!
 Sadly, this was the reaction when Cinderella tried to kiss batman!
 OK, a few more pictures of all the kids.. maybe batman was just playing hard to get?
Finally, it was time for the main event, trick or treating.....
 ....and checking your bag for loot.
 We wrapped up the evening with a backwards ride on the carousel.  It was a fun night an i feel confident that the Cinderella dress can survive all the events coming up in the next two weeks.  Good thing it is machine washable!
This was our second year attending Boo at the Zoo. Pictures from last year can be found here.

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