Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More from the Thrift Store

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately.  Blame it on germs from the100+ students I come in contact with each day and then multiplied by the whole new set of pre-school germs Lydia is exposing us to.  Everyone I know seems to have a runny nose and a sore throat and is generally feeling a little extra tired right now.  So yesterday, I found a few extra minutes for some retail therapy, thrift store style!
I found this beautiful, basically new wool herringbone laptop bag at Goodwill.  The zipper pull is missing, so for now it doesn't close, but I don't think I ever bothered to zip my old bag either so not a big deal.  It is less bulky than most laptop bags, but it is longer so it should accommodate my new longer laptop at home if needed.  (Have you noticed that laptops used to be squarish and now they are more like HDTV shape?)  Anyway.  I LOVE my new bag and now realize how dirty and small my old one was.  I wasn't looking for a new bag, but I am SO glad I found it...especially since I think I paid about $3 for it!
OK, I admit, this looks atrocious...but it has potential!  PJ took one look at this confection and threatened that I dare not ever put Lydia in it!  First of all, it isn't her size.  This is one of those slutty adult costumes that is really short, so my favorite thrift store in the world put it in the kid's section and all their kids items are 89 CENTS!!  So, less than a dollar, I got all the trimmings to add to Lydia's Cinderella dress fro Halloween... AND they are already gathered and mostly sewn for me!
Here is the "before" version of the Cinderella dress. I made this a few years ago for a friend's daughter and they were nice enough to pass it back to me so that Lydia could wear it someday.  I sewed the entire thing, start to finish, from a PATTERN!!! Unheard of for me, but it was for a friend.  It is even the official Disney Cinderella patten and everything.  It turned out OK, but not AMAZING.
This is a work in progress, but i think you can see what I am going for here.  This is the same dress that I sewed, but I cut the skirt off of the thrifted dress and added it at the waist of the one I sewed.  Then I cut the front triangle shaped detail off of the thrifted dress and added it to the front of the dress I sewed. I can't wait to tack everything down and then start on dresses to transform myself and Jennifer into Ugly Step Sisters to accompany Lydia!  Hopefully, PJ will be in town for Halloween so he can dress up as the Fairy Godmother!

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