Sunday, August 7, 2011

This is only a test.. but my man is AWESOME!

So I really kind of did intend to share this picture, but I am also testing to see if my new computer works with my new router while running the other computer AND Netflix on the new wireless network.. all of which have not played well together at various times this weekend.  Ugh!  It's been a technology time suck kind of a weekend, amped up a notch by the fact that we got the new computer because it was tax free weekend for back to school supplies in TN.  So any computer returning, swapping, trading out or replacing needed to be done before the tax holiday ended.  Adding to the fun, I was in and out of electronics department at the same time EVERYONE else in knoxville was doing the SAME thing!  Fingers crossed it looks like the planets aligned and the new network/new computer/old computer combo is working...until I try to add the printer I am sure!
And now for something requiring VERY little technology.  PJ built Lydia a bed sheet fort, in like 30 seconds, and it is BRILLIANT!  She has a four poster bed, so he just slipped a fitted sheet on the posts and tied a string to the top side of the middle of the sheet.  Then he secured an eye bolt into the ceiling (yep, he made a hole in the ceiling!) and tied the string so the middle of the tent is supported. Not crazy that there is a whole and all, but totally crazy about him being the kind of dad who builds tent forts, etc.  Not entirely crazy about the fact that while I have been typing this, my Netflix has shorted out ever 10 seconds, but i suppose that can be dealt with tomorrow!

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