Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mama's Got a Brand New Gig!

A few weeks ago my friend Julie, former college roomie turned amazing mommy blogger on Three Moms in One, mentioned that she knew of an online magazine looking for contributors in a few cities, including Knoxville.  I got interested in that way that I do when I can't explain why but I just know that I have to try something.  I sent in my information and a link to this blog and I am now happy to report that I am a GalTime Knoxville ambassador!  I supposedly have press credentials and EVERYTHING!
I don't know that there was much competition for my position, but it seems to be a good fit.  The other two gals on the Knoxville team are both young women living what I assume to be exciting lives in fabulous downtown lofts. I think the perspective of someone less fabulous, less young, and less energetic is much needed in Knoxville!  Just kidding, but I am the only married working mom on the team, so I think I bring a unique perspective that lots of other ladies in Knoxville will appreciate.  

So far I have two articles up on the GalTime site.  My first article was about a bigger than average gal (me) in a smaller than average town (Knoxville) attempting to learn trapeze.  My second article is all the info I found out about while preparing for the upcoming TN tax free Holiday.  Did you know that the deal starts at midnight on Friday?  I am actually awake, right now, at 11pm waiting to go to Walmart to (FINALLY) replace my broken laptop. 
Some of my GalTime content will be a slightly different slant on topics that I discussed already on this blog, sometimes stories might run in both places simultaneously.  I'm not completely sure how it will work having two places to write, but I have really enjoyed the writing that I have been doing here and I am excited about the opportunity to share some other ideas with a different audience.  Now to come up with about 2 article ideas a month.  This site, Liddy B and Me has always just been what I am doing or making with, for, and sometimes in spite of my family.  My GalTime articles need to be slanted more towards events and ideas that interest women, specifically in Knoxville.  I think my next article will be about the different locations for thrift store shopping in Knoxville (how are KARM, Goodwill, ACB, and AmVets differnt). I might eventually do something on the different places to train for a marathon in Knoxville.  Feel free to pass along other ideas that pertain to women and Knoxville and thanks in advance for your support of this new venture!

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BalancingMama (Julie) said...

Thanks for the shout-out! This is a perfect fit for you!