Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Annual Iowa Trip

 We just got back from our annual trip to visit my family in Iowa.  Once again we were able to gather all the cousin's kids for a group picture.  This was the third year that we were able to take this picture and it always takes some coordinating... along with toddler wrangling.  This picture takes place after a big family dinner, usually with about 20 people all piled into my cousin's house.  Several of the families had to make arrangements to be there and often to drive in from out of town.  I feel so fortunate that so many people are able to be in town on the weekend that we drive up.
 Here are all the same kids last year. You can read about last year's trip here and here.
 Here is the previous year's picture.  You can read about that trip here.
Here is a picture from our first year taking Lydia to Iowa.  No one thought to take a group picture that year. I was just getting used to blogging... and being a mom....and going back to work.  You can read more here,

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