Monday, August 1, 2011

Art and Oddities at the City Museum, St. Louis

 Along with being overwhelmed by all the noise, the heat, and the climbing at the City Museum in St. Louis, I was visually overwhelmed by all the interesting decor.  Imagine Cracker Barrel.... on CRACK!  There were robots, old signs, giant circus posters, neon lights, toy trains, and tons of textures.
 This little classroom had walls made from old windows, so people could look in on what was happening.  Check out the window treatment made from old ties!
 The walls were all covered in something interesting.  This is a detail of a HUGE wall covered in old printing press stamps.
There was an area that had a huge safe you walked through
Those walls around it were old safety deposit boxes.
 This is a divider wall made out of glass bottles.
 A wall of broken mirrors reflecting me taking a picture of it.
 At the top of Lydia's favorite slide was a wall of stroller wheels.
 The walls outside the restrooms were made out of bread pans.
 Some walls were made out of old walls from old interesting buildings
 These were both part of the gift shop.
 This was my FAVORITE area in the whole museum.  It was a big open area, with lots of tunnels and tubes on the perimeter.  It was sea themed and sparkly.
 There were tons of mirrors, some broken, some not.  This one had fish glued to it so they looked like they were swimming.  Notice the torn silver ceiling treatment.
The floors were covered in fish mosaics..... so were the columns.
The City Museum even had some real fish floating around for us to enjoy.
Thanks City Museum for some really amazing and odd visual stimulation!  To see my OTHER POST on the stuff to climb on, slide down, fall into, and hopefully not get stuck in at the City Museum in St. Louis CLICK HERE.

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Frank Murphy said...

Great stuff! I love St. Louis. I'm already thinking of places to eat on my next trip there.