Monday, October 3, 2011

Simple Summer Dress

My cousin and I were shopping this summer when she spotted this cute little girls dress in an upscale boutique.  She really liked the color and it was really cute, but it was also a really basic shape.  While I understand and support the need to charge a fair wage for handmade items, I personally have a hard time paying high prices for something that I can easily make myself.  I decided to look for some similar fabric an see what I could do.
I found two fabrics so the dress could be reversible and selected one of Lydia's dresses with a similar shape to use as a pattern.  The only part that I cut differently was the top where I wanted it to tie like the example. 
I made two identical pieces out of one fabric and then cut two identical pieces out of the coordinating fabric.  I sewed the two yellow pieces together at the side seams and then sewed the two flowered pieces together at the side seams.  Next I put the right sides of the yellow dress to the right sides of the flowered dress and sewed the armhole and neck seam.  I turned it right side out, pressed the seams, and sewed a hem in the bottom.  Sorry, but I apparently didn't take any pictures of that part.  It's pretty easy if you sew at all, and if you don't you might want a pattern anyway.
Here is the finished dress.  Considering what I paid for fabric and the time that it took, the price they were asking for it at the boutique was probably fair.  I saved some money by doing it myself and had fun trying it out.  Now I just hope that it stayed warm in Iowa long enough for my cousin to put it on her daughter once or twice.

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Becky said...

Make the bows longer and bigger next time! And your dress will be exactly the same! And it's so much better to give something you made! Great job! Your mom's dresses for Liddy are beautiful!