Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gator Gifts

I wanted to make an alligator themed gift for the alligator baby shower, but I wasn't finding much in the stores.  At Big Lots I found these two green towels and got an idea, but the towels didn't have a price on them and I couldn't find any others in the store.  The cashier said I could have them for $1 each.
I decided to make an alligator hooded baby towel.  I laid the two towels together and marked a zigzag line a little past the middle with a sharpie marker.
I sewed first and then cut the towel.  I had to snip the corners in order for it to turn right side out properly .
Here is the center back zigzag after it was turned. At this point I had a big rectangle with points down the back.
To make the hood, I laid the extra towel parts next to the folded towel, so that I could match up the zigzag pattern.  I was able to use the corner of the towel remnants, so I didn't have to finish the front edge.
I sewed the hood separately and turned it like I turned the main rectangle.
With right sides together, I sewed the edge of the hood to the middle of the rectangle.
And the alligator towel was finished!
I couldn't resist getting Lydia to try it on.  I made it to fit a smaller baby, so not a perfect fit on my giant 3 year old, but who can say no to this adorable alligator?

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