Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lydia the Tattooed Lady!

First of all, I LOVE this picture right now....partly because the new photo shop app on my phone allowed me to really bump up the saturation, contrast, brightness and to add a vignette border... but mostly because it is my little girl... being my beautiful little girl.  Maybe it is because I have been in circus mode, or maybe it's just that that picture involves body art, or quite possibly it is because i have been researching Maori face tattoos for AP Art History, but I can't see that picture and not think of this.....
Can you believe I never even heard that song before I had my own Lydia?  Of course now I think it is kind of GREAT!  Did you know that there is a MUPPET version?
Ohhhhhhh!  She is a tattooed MUPPET.... with RED hair!!! (And a strapless pink satin BRA!)  So funny and SO wrong on SO many levels!  If you want to see and hear it, here is the YouTube link.
Of course, I also can't resist this embroidered Lydia from Sew Lovely.  I don't really embroider, but I may have to give it a try!  

Or Maybe I will stick to doll making and do something like Mimi Kirchner's AMAZING tattooed Ladies and Strong Men.  Seriously, check out her etsy site or her blog!  Mostly, I am feeling like next year, when Lydia is 4, she might just be old enough to pull off the tattooed lady for Halloween.  Partly because I think it would be fun and partly...
because Lydia's circus dress is not going to get worn this year.  Sadly, the circus wedding was called off.  We are all thinking good thoughts for the families involved.  As for this dress it was a little too big, so I really think it will fit well next year.  I can be the ringleader and Lydia can be the tattooed lady!  PERFECT!  Maybe PJ can be a monkey grinder or something?  I suppose we have a WHOLE year to think about it!

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Lydia Gresham said...

Hello there!

My name is Lydia, and me oh my, am I tattooed! I remember getting sung the Marx brothers' song in kindergarten all the way up to high school by each new teacher but only made the connection about a year or two into getting tattooed. I was adding to my collection one day and a client heard my name and started humming the song. What epic foreshadowing on my parents' part! Stumbling upon this made me super happy! I wish my ma would have played along/ allowed me to be creative in that way (without a fight). I hope your little Lydia may one day find herself immersed in ink!

Thanks for the grin,
Lydia G.