Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Pin-spiration

This Halloween was my first post Pinterest holiday.  I have been pinning ideas to pin boards for months and this was my first chance to make several of the ideas I have seen.  I can't take credit for the original idea on any of these (I will try to note original sources where possible), just the execution.  However, I am proud that I actually made something that I pinned! (original graphic found here.)
So, first I saw these Martha Stewart pumpkins on Pinterest.
And I found THESE for $1 at the thrift store.
And I GREW two little pumpkins in my GARDEN this summer (I deserve some extra credit for GROWING my own decorations!)
I pulled all that together to make THESE:
I didn't even bother to hollow them out!  I just carved a hole for the mouth and made the eyes so that they didn't go all the way through.
PJ made several larger, more evil looking pumpkins.
These looked SO good I just HAD to try them.  Salty and sweet are my FAVORITE flavor combination! (Originally from this blog.)
I looked but could not find the square pretzels they originally used.
I started with regular small twists and it still worked out fine.
Unwrapping all those Hugs was a PAIN, but SO worth the trouble!
Of course, I didn't read ANY of the directions, so I just shoved them in a warm oven for a few minutes and then squished them with the candy corn.
I quickly decided that these were unacceptable, ate all the evidence, lowered the temperature, and perfected my technique.
I wanted the oven just warm enough to melt the chocolate, so I turned my 350 oven OFF after it warmed up and then was perfect.  Then I pushed straight down on the point of the Hug and it smushed down to a nice circle.  I even tried to position the corn so the stripes went diagonally because I have OCD tendencies and it bothered me if they weren't perpendicular!
Finally, I was inspired by these table legs on Bubble Gum and Duct Tape.  Actually I am inspired by SO much on that site, it's probably good I didn't look for the directions prior to today! Time to start planning for next year's party!  I didn't notice until today that she cut out the bottom of the show, or maybe it is a fake shoe? SO SMART!  I found a pair of $3 shoes at goodwill and just slid them under the front 2 legs of my table, making the table a little uneven, but no one noticed!  Here is my version.
There are already SO many more ideas that I want to try, but didn't have time for.  Next year, same weekend, same time, stop by to see what new inspirations come to life for my Halloween party.

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