Monday, October 10, 2011

Alligator Party

This Saturday, we had the alligator themed baby shower at our church.  We didn't really do an official invite, but I decided to create an image anyway.  I ended up sending it to all the people who were helping to bring food.  In the end, those same people ended up doing all the decorating for me.  Several things went wacky in my day and I was really upset that I couldn't finish what I had started.
I dropped off the sign, a few blue and green linens, and some paper lanterns at the church with all intentions of coming back to decorate.  Only I barely made it to the church before the party started thanks to construction and nap issues at home.  
My friends hung the sign, decided to set up tables (SUCH a wise choice, they made it SO much easier to eat during the shower, but the tables also helped fill the big room with the theme colors, so they acted as decorations too). 
The created this great little gift nook in one corner of the room.  I never would have thought of that and it was PERFECT!  They even covered the gift shelf in fabric that matched the theme.  Bonus!
The woman who ordered the cake from her very talented friend had my graphic, so she was able to make a cute copy of the alligator image.  Adorable AND tasty!
Many of the guests even coordinated their gifts with the green and blue color scheme.  This basket was SO festive and just full of cute and useful baby items.
Speaking of full of useful things, check out this diaper cake!  It is made out of larger diapers, so the mom to be can enjoy it as a decoration for a whole before needing to use the diapers.  The toys and even the bottles that are in the center are also for an older baby so they will be ready when baby is big enough to use the diapers. Very thoughtful and very cute, just like everything at the shower.  Great job Good Shepherd gals!

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