Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Our church hosts a Ladie's Tea and Fashion Show each year and different people volunteer to decorate tables. It is always really fun because each table is unique and beautiful. Part of the fun is coming up with a take home gift for each guest at your table.

This year I decided to host an Alice in Wonderland themed tea table, using many of the supplies I still have from Lydia's "Tea for 2" Wonderland birthday party. (more birthday pictures here, here, and here.) I needed something new for the party gifts, and was relieved to see a blog post where someone found floral shaped notepads and added silly eyes to the flowers. I had my idea and thankfully, the dollar store near my work sold a floral notebook. I went a step further with teh wonderland living flowers and added a floral pen too. I got the gift bags, tissue paper, pens, notebooks, and wiggly eyes for less than $1 per person. I was really happy that I "plurged on the polka dot tissue once I saw it next to the black and white wiggly eyes!

The pens are SO simple and I have made them for decades now. Just cut a silk flower to be shorter than the pen. Hold the stem next to the pen and wrap with floral tape to attach the flower, hide the pen, and create a new green "stem" for the flower. Floral tape is sticky when stretched, so when you get to the end, just overlap a little and it holds itself together!

The notebooks I found were 4 for $1 with 4 different designs. I got an assorted pack of self adhesive wiggly eyes and put them whereever they seemed appropriate on the notebooks and the flower pens.
And here is the finished table with the finished party favors.

Lydia has been obsessed with the Robert Sabuda Alice book that I used on the tea table and at her birthday party. She likes to "read" the story to us at night and is very careful with the fragile pages. She cracks me up when she says that Alice went to a "sit down party." She acknowledges that they drank tea at the party, but apparently the fact that they had to "sit down" makes it a "sit sown party" and NOT a tea party. So cute!

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