Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crafty Catch Up.

I was so busy at Easter, crafting and cooking and sitting vigil at church and filling Easter eggs, that I never got around to showing off what I made. So here goes.
This was a complete last minute addition to the craft line up. I showed off the round yo-yo flower details that I added to Lydia's dress in an earlier post. I wanted something similar, but a little more grown up to complete my look. The problem was, I had NO IDEA what I was going to wear. I had several pieces that I liked, but nothing that just worked. I went shopping (thrifting) to hunt for some inspiration and found a tank top that had this large necklace piece attached to it. The best news was it was half off day at the thrift store, so I think I paid $3 for the tank and the necklace.

 It was easy to separate the necklace from the tank, just had to cut away some top stitching.  Then to make it match Lydia's flowers, I took the pinking sheers to some parts of the white fabric.  The skirt I decided to wear was a favorite from years ago, which meant that it was too small.  Fortunately, it was an "A line" shape and a little long, so I just shortened it by cutting it off at the hip area and making that width the new waist line.  Anyway, by making the waist bigger, I actually ended up with some extra fabric , so I added that to the rosettes so the necklace coordinated with my skirt. I swapped out a few of the jewels for vintage buttons and my look was complete.

 The other craft project for Easter was finishing a few more felted friends for Lydia's bunny finger puppets.  Lydia is kind of obsessed with Jake and the Never Land Pirates, so she is really excited about crocodiles (like the one who hunts Captain Hook).
 Sadly, this little lion did not get finished in time to join the others in Lydia's Easter basket.  He remains unfinished to this day.  All he needs is a mane, but I have lost my deadline, so it may take a while to get him complete!

Finally, here is my favorite Easter chick holding her felted chick....or duck....whatever.... you get the picture.

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