Monday, May 23, 2011

The Trapeze Post!

When I last discussed my trapeze class on the blog, I had just finished my first class and was very concerned that I wouldn't be physically able to do much of it.  I spent the entire week after class 1 doing core strength and ab work.  By the second class I was able to sporadically get my foot to connect with the bar which made it possible to  get into the first position our class learned, the knee hang.
 Pretty much week 2 for me was spent trying the things everyone else learned in the first class, so the lessons from class 2 had to wait until week 3.  At some point I kind of ran out of time to learn everything, which really didn't bother me because I was improving and was able to get on the bar consistently and could at least do most of what we were learning.
 And then Mother's day came around about 2 weeks before our final class, when we were to each perform what we had learned... to music... in front of our friends!  My dear sweet husband surprised me by building me a trapeze bar and hanging it in our living room!  It is SO crazy and SO weird and SO fun to say that you have a trapeze bar in your house.  My sister jokes that Lydia will run away to join the circus only to discover that it isn't as much fun as her home.

 So, I was able to practice my lessons at home and by the weekend before the performance, I had figured out how to do each of the moves on its own and at east knew the order they were supposed to go in.  I felt SO much more confident going into the recital. I would NOT have been able to even come close on most of the moves without the extra practice time, so a HUGE "thank you" goes out to PJ, a man who is willing to play along and make whatever it takes to keep up with my crazy whims.
OK. that last move HURTS.  You are holding up all your body weight by your fingers.  I don't know about you, but I don't regularly train my fingers to hold large weights.  Good thing it was near the end of the routine.

 These last two pictures are NOT ME.  This is the fabulous Miss Christy, who will be teaching my next class.  (Oh, yeah.  I figured out I have time to sign up for a new one!)  Christy is investigating getting PJ to make her a bar, so she came to the house to play on mine.  PJ was on the phone and just kept saying things like "yeah, there is a girl I don't know doing flips in my living room!"  I kept nudging Lydia and telling her most kids have to go to the circus to see this kind of stuff.  She would look and then go back to her puzzles.  I suppose trapeze ladies in the living room has gotten routine!
So i think I now know how to add video to a post, so here is the vidoe of my entire trapeze routine. We are still learning how to shoot video on the smart phones, and apparently it DOES matter if the phone is vertical or horizontal, so ignore the fact that the video is sideways.... or be REALLY impressed that I can trapeze sideways!

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Krista said...

I somehow found my way over here linking from today's dragonfly groupon. Just wanted to tell you, you are not only awesome for doing a trapeze routine, but for doing a trapeze routine dressed as the Bee Girl!