Monday, May 2, 2011

A Brief History of Art History

These maps and timelines and various artworks by Loren Munk are kind of how I feel today. My very first class of AP Art History students take their Advanced Placement test today....right now actually (noon-3pm) If they do well, they can get college credit. If they do poorly, it reflects negetively on me. Ugh!!! I know that I did all that I could for them, but I also know of LOTS of things we will do differently the next time I teach this class.

Mostly, art history has CONSUMED my life since August. Every week brought a new chapter of Gardner's Art Through the Ages (a text book I used in college, but did NOT read all of... even in college). Each new chapter required a chapter outline/ reading guide/ worksheet, a powerpoint presentation, a quiz, an essay, sometimes a video. Oh and I also had to grade those chapter reviews/worksheets/notes/quizes. Oh and I also had 4 other classes to teach/create projects/grade work for.

So, I am eagerly looking forward to a break from the rigorous grind that this year has been. I am also looking forward to teaching it again soon...... especially now that most of the materials I will use have at least been created and will only need adjustments. Fingers crossed that right about now, all of the hard work is paying off and the kids are acing the test!

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