Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Card 2011

This year for my Mother's Day cards, I wanted to use Lydia's hand print again, so I thought I could make it look like a plant, with each finger being an individual blossom, instead of last year's hand "flower".
Thankfully, I had Lydia go ahead and make some green hand prints several weeks ago, on a random day when we were hanging out in the studio.  I had not realized how busy we would get with Easter one weekend, PJ's high school reunion the next, and then Mother's day the following weekend.  I used vellum for the hand print, figuring I could type and print a message on a second piece of paper, then sandwich them together.  I used grommets to hold the four corners together, since glue always looks messy through vellum.

The finished cards were to have looked like this.  They say "Happy Mother's Day!  Thanks for always lending a hand!"  Unfortunately I ran out of crafting time (or got distracted by the shiny new trapeze bar PJ gave me for Mother's Day) and the cards were just a green hand print.  Oh, well!  It could be a plant of some sort, I suppose!  It was Mother's Day, so you will have to cut me some slack!

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