Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strawberry Picking!

 My sister has the BEST ideas!  Lydia and I were having a little friend over for the weekend and I wanted to take the girls somewhere fun.  Enter Auntie with the suggestion to go strawberry picking.  Apparently mid may is peak strawberry season.  Who knew?!?
 We were supposed to have rain off and on most of the day, and it did pour down as soon as we got to the farm, but then it stopped and the sun came out and the farm was all ours and all the berries were washed, sort of.
We had picked up one more friend on the way and each of the girls had their Easter baskets ready to be filled.  We decided to see who could find the biggest strawberry, which made it kind of like a treasure hunt.

 At some point the girls figured out that they could actually EAT the berries.
 And eat.
 And EAT!
As Lydia's shirt says, they were Berry Sweet and BERRY juicy!
It took a while longer to fill the baskets once the girls started eating as many as they picked, but pretty soon the girls, and the baskets, were full.  We had a fun day and we will be enjoying the "fruits" of our labor for several days.

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