Friday, May 13, 2011

Car Show and Blogger Issues!

 We had a car show in town last weekend.  This is the same car show where PJ purchased the "Daddy Wagon" last May.  Since then, he sold his VW bug and his 2 seater truck to pay for the new/old (1968 Impala) wagon.  He painted it blue and white, worked on lots of other details inside and out,  but my favorite new details are the new surfer stickers we picked out together at this year's car show.
For the second year in a row, Lydia got to ride around the car show in her very own hot rod.  Once again, she made all the boys jealous of her ride!  This year she was looking forwad to the show and even asked me to dress her in something to match her car.  SO fun!
 Lydia sat in her car when we were parked in our spot on the fairgrounds and then rode in her car whenever we needed to go anywhere.  I packed some toys in a purse and she easily entertained herself in her car.  She fought her nap as long as she could, but by 4pm, she layed her head on the side of her car and fell asleep in it.

 I loved the idea of little Lydia in her little car wanting to race all the big guys in their big cars!  Too CUTE!
Here are a few retro images of Lydia in her hot rod.  This was last year at the same show. Boy is she getting big!
 Here are a few pictures from Lydia's first Christmas.  I actually forgot that we had the car painted in time for her Christmas photo shoot.

The paint was actually still wet when we showed up at the studio.  Also the studio was full of kids who were tired and bored.  We had to work hard to keep them from climbing on the still wet car! I think the wheels didn't even work at this point, they were just tacked on for the pictures and then it took until last spring to get it all working as a push car.

 I love that it looks like Lydia and PJ are fixing the engine in this one!
 Finally.  Have you seen this image?  I spent a bunch of time getting the new look of the blog all finished and even wrote a post all about the new look and now the post and the final details, including this new title banner have disappeared!  Blogger has been down and the latest information says that they are working to restore some posts.  Here is hoping that my post and my changes that were the subject of my post are back up soon!


wacks said...

nice cars!i love it!thanks so much.restoration classic car

Brittanie Holderness said...

Awww! It's seriously cute and awesome that your kid has her own little hotrod. It doesn't look out of place among the bigger machines in all their cool glory.

-Brittanie Holderness-

Liddy B and Me! said...

Thank you for the kind comments!