Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Graphics!

Have you noticed the blog has a new look? 
 It was time for a change, but I am still learning all this technology stuff and it makes me NERVOUS!  I am always SO excited when I can figure something like this out!  Especially when I am able to tweek the technology to customize it a little.

Last year I was so happy to have discovered that one of my favorite sorces for images, Graphics Fairy, had a sister site devoted to backgrounds and banners for your blog!  Background Fairy not only creates amazing digital imagery, but it is FREE and she gives you step by step instructions for adding these images to your blog! 
I got to have some fun photoshopping to adjust the look of the background and to create a title banner.  The original background didn't have enough cherries for my taste, so I added some more (I love the clone stamp tool!)  Also, this might be because I was doing something wrong setting up the design, but that white space in the middle was just too big, so I copied some of the green polka dots into the middle area.  Sounds like a lot of work for somethig subtle, but I like having a reason to practice my photoshop skills. 

For the title banner, I have been wanting to do something with a Bee for a while now.  This blog started out as Liddy B, and was just about documenting my daughter for family and friends.  Now it has evolved to also include my own ramblings and interests, so it became Liddy B and Me a while ago, around the time I added this mamma bird to the title banner.
The new border is based on a vintage cherry label I found online.  I added a big bee and a little bee for "me and Liddy B." I included a crown (thanks again for the image Graphics Fairy!) because I wear a lot of hats (figuratively and literally) as Mrs. B., Mama B, a busy bee, sometimes just a "B (explitive)"!
 Why not just have a crown be the Queen Bee!
I need to learn to add a "button" to my blog to recognize that I am using a Background Fairy background and to show my appreciation, but i have to find the time to find the instructions on how to add a button first.  So until then, a HUGE thank you to Graphics/Background Fairy for teh inspiration, images, and information.

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