Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Trip to Fairy Grove

Our local nature center just opened a new play space with a Fairy Grove theme.  They had a Fairy and Gnome celebration to kick off the grand opening and I am SO glad that Lydia and I went. 

 We explored a little bit of the nature center, like the butterfly pavilion, but mostly we hung out in these round igloo structures made from sticks (stickloos?)
 They had large openings for doors, small round openings for windows and were all natural found materials.
 I want a stickloo or two in my yard!

 The play space is completely shaded, wooded, hillside. Some areas are covered in ivy with only tiny paths between the hilly mounds, but what a great place for a kid to explore. Lydia loved the stepping stone path made out of tree stumps.

That May or may not be video of Lydia the Fairy in action at Ijams Nature Center.  Fingers crossed for a sucessful upload!

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