Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Photo Booth

My dad was kind enough to agree to man the photo booth at Lydia's Mad Hatter Tea Party. We set up one corner of the room with a back drop (made out of the other Indian sari that I found at the thrift store). I added a plant and the cut out of Alice that I traced and painted. There were also some props laying nearby. We offered to e-mail the pictures out to anyone who left us an e-mail address, so if you had a picture taken and i haven't sent you the image yet, let me know!
PJ poses with Alice before the party.
Aunt Betty, I didn't have your e-mail, but I know you read the blog, so here is your picture.
I couldn't resist creating one pair of Tweedle Dee twins. Hopefully Zoe doesn't mind!
Conner shares Lydia's birthday. His mom and I were college roommates more than 10 years ago. There were 4 of us in the dorm and we all ended up pregnant with our first babies at the same time. It was a great reason to re-connect and compare notes.
Finally, here is Lydia with her Nana and her Pop Pop.

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