Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iowa Cousins in Tennessee

Last weekend, Jen and I drove to Indianapolis to meet up with our cousins from Iowa and bring their two girls back to TN with us for a few days. Next weekend we will go all the way to Iowa to take them home and visit for the weekend.

We wanted to take the girls tubing and hiking, but it poured rain all morning on Monday. Fortunately, the sky cleared for a few hours and we took advantage of the temporarily blue skies by heading to a local splash pad. Iowa has amazing public pools, but I don't think they have splash pads, so the girls seemed to enjoy themselves. Lydia had a great time running around with the older girls. After splashing, and before dinner, we went to Chill on North shore. Have you been to a Chill custom creamery? Its like a Coldstone or Marble Slab, only instead of them mixing in toppings and charging for each, you get a cup of liquid and add as much or as little of an assortment of toppings to the liquid. Then the fun begins. They have all these Kitchen Aid mixers that mix the liquid while blasting it with something super cold, so there is all this foggy smoky action. The kids LOVED watching their ice cream get "chilled!"

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