Friday, July 30, 2010

My Sister, the Art Teacher

When I agreed to teach the crafts lessons for our church's VBS, I had no idea that I would end op needing sinus surgery the same week. Fortunately, my sister was willing to step in and fill my shoes. We tried out a few of the craft projects when we had our cousins in town, but we definitely didn't cover everything. Once my surgery was underway, I was no help to her whatsoever, but she did a GREAT job.
These are some beautiful Japanese flowers that the kids created using PAPER TOWELS! First, they folded and dip dyed paper towels. We found directions on the blog wendolonia. They just made the tie dye decorations and used them as window decorations.
We found directions for transforming paper towels into Japanese Kanzashi flowers on the filth wizard blog. Our group of kids ended up being a little young, so Jen took it upon herself to sew the flowers together so that each kid got one. They turned out SO PRETTY! Thanks Jen for stepping in and doing such a great job in my place!

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