Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home Improvements (Garage Edition)

This is our garage. It isn't completely finished, but it is closer than it has been in the 12 years since PJ first built it. He never got around to completing the outside and there are areas that are starting to be effected by the weather. So the siding is up and just needs paint on the top, horizontal section. It is a BIG improvement, makes the garage match the house better, and should help it last a lot longer.
Fixing up the outside has inspired PJ to do some renovations on the inside of the garage. We have always had attic storage space above the garage, but it was FILLED with the carcasses of old cars AND it was only accessible by climbing a rickety pull down ladder. While I was out of town, PJ added an opening for a door and a real set of stairs. I am so excited about being able to easily store Christmas and Halloween decorations up in the attic! I am hoping a lot of items that are currently being "stored" inside the house can soon migrate over to the attic. When you climb the stairs you also get a great view of the next phase of construction at our house, the additions to the back of the house. The foundations were both laid a few months ago and now just wait on us to get finished with the garage. The small porch that is under the original roof line will be closed in to create a small guest room. I may have to keep one or two craft projects stashed in there for times when I can't leave the house to go to the new attic studio. I want LOTS of bookshelves and think this would be a great place to read or work in peace, with a small bed for work induced naps...or guests. OK, so this may not look like much right now, but I have HIGH hopes (get it.. attic!) Anyway, This used to all be attic space. We still have storage in the peaks of the roof to the right and to the left of the long room. It looks really narrow, but with 8 feet x 30 feet I am hoping to have room for at least a table, some shelves, a bulletin board, etc. We found laminate wood flooring for a really good price at Southeastern Salvage, so those should look like a nice light wood, but still be possible to clean up spills. Here is the primary inspiration image. Wood floors, white walls, we are thinking about a fake brick panel on the far wall. How do I not currently own a bulletin board? I think one would be a cheap and useful addition to the new studio space.
I love, love, LOVE the open shelves. If could see my fabric stash, I think it would help me actually remember what I have. So that's what I am thinking and dreaming about for my attic re-do. Now I just have to wait until the walls and the floors are ready.

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