Monday, August 30, 2010

Lydia's New Room (in progress)

I found this fabric at JoAnn's and fell in love with the whimsical flowers. I think the purple and green will work out nicely in the blue room.
Jennifer brought over the chairs that my dad made for us when we were little. They will get cleaned up and will probably get some type of fabric cushions. There isn't enough room for them to be right next to the little kitchen, but I think it still works out.

Here is the new furniture all set up in her room. It is REALLY heavy, so it took 2 big strong guys to get it moved into the house and then 2 more to get it upstairs.
It's knotty pine and some of the knots are really visible. I may have to lighten them up with a little paint. Is that cheating? Here is the desk. Lydia got really excited that she could stash her toys in the drawers. How did that thought not occur to me? Did I really think they would remain empty until she had school work to put in the drawers? Silly mommy!

We found the set on Craigslist and got 6 matching pieces: 2 dressers, a desk, chair, hutch, night stand, and mirror. The original owner got them for their daughter, who is now in the peace corps.
Because our ceiling slopes, we can't put the hutch on top of the desk. So we are using it as a shelf set on the floor. I honestly can't believe that it all fits!

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