Friday, July 16, 2010

Volunteer Landing Visit

On Friday, I took Lydia to Volunteer Landing to play in the fountains and see the sights. After visiting all of the fun downtown locations on a recent trip to Chattanooga, I decided to make more of an effort to seek out interesting places in Knoxville to visit. So far, I have thought of 3, UT Gardens, Market Square, and now Volunteer Landing. Not much of a list, so leave a comment if you have a favorite (ideally free) Knoxville location to visit with kids!
This is Lydia's new puckered lip, fish face....only she isn't imitating a fish. She just does this on her own and for no apparent reason. All. The. Time! So also leave a comment if you know if this is normal or abnormal or if her face will freeze like that!
Anyway, there are these great bench swings that look out over the TN river. You can see one of our bridges in the background. You can also see Lydia's adorable new (thrifted) pink loafers! Super cute, but super SMALL. They should fit through fall based on the size, but might not be able to be worn much longer. At least I didn't pay much for them!
Oh, yeah. There were fountains....and a waterfall that kids can run behind. Lydia wanted no part in the waterfall. Too loud equals too scary right now. Feel free to leave a comment telling me if that is normal or not if you are so inclined!
This is what Lydia did a lot of.....climbed on benches, rocks, etc. once she was wet.
Malibu Barbie also got in on the action at some point. And the aqua doodle, which makes sense since it works with water, I guess! Mommy managed to keep herself and the camera relatively dry and was even able to bring home Daddy's favorite dinner from a local restaurant right next to Volunteer landing. A great outing, but now I am all out of Knoxville locations to visit. Of course I am also almost out of time in the summer, so I suppose it works out!

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Kirsty@Bonjour said...

All looks like normal behaviour to me! Those fountains are impossible for kids to keep out of, aren't they? Good clean fun ;))