Friday, July 9, 2010

Misc. Pics.

I have several pictures from events that probably won't get their own post and unfortunately sometimes that means they just get set aside. We are going camping tomorrow, so I should have some wilderness pictures and stories to share soon and I didn't want all of these to go without being shared. First is a rare mommy and Liddy picture, taken at Conner's birthday. A friend of mine took this one and I don't even remember her taking it. I am amazed that Lydia and I are both looking in the right direction. Here is Lydia showing how BIG she is now. Conner's birthday is the same as Lydia's, same day/same year, so why shouldn't she show off a little?
Here is Lydia reading a book to her dolly. My mom made her dress and the dolly, and the dolly's dress....and the book ....Just kidding about the book. She bought that! Check out that expression. I think she is up to something!

Lydia is enjoying her new play dough that she got for her birthday. I don't know why I hadn't bought her play dough yet. I LOVE play dough. And I am LOVING this monkey contraption. We had a play dough barber shop toy when I was little and the hair did the same thing. The problem was the small holes. They made GREAT hair, but always got clogged. Looks like the monkey has thicker dreads, so the problem seems to be solved.

I also have unpublished photos of a few crazy meals I cooked up, but for now I will stick with cute Lydia over my weird culinary creations!

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Natalie said...

We went to that splash pad last week. Horrible idea with a 2 month old. Of course the same time I started feeding Jackson, Conner had to go poop in the gross park bathroom. I should have put the baby in the stroller but instead decided to be a reverse genious and carry him to the bathroom, while still feeding. Then, Conner needed help sitting on the toilet. The toilet he just peed all over and got teensy teensy tissue paper pieces to try to wipe up, getting his pee and other pee on him. Then he couldn't get his swim trunks back on because I didn't want him sitting naked on the nasty bathroom floor. All the while holding and feeding Jackson while a line was outside. That was the last time I'll try that. Jackson can cry next time. I miss the days when life was simpler but i keep reminding myself, it will get easier!