Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Hostess with No Voice

So, I had a vocal chord polyp removed on Thursday and am on voice rest for the next week. I had a similar surgery 15 years ago on both vocal chords with voice rest for THREE weeks after, so this time should be easier. Unfortunately, my voice rest coincides withLydia's big princess birthday party!

I LOVE planning and hosting parties, so the idea of being the host and not being able to talk SUCKS! Technology will be on my side this time and I can text messages to anyone, including a person I am standing next to. However, sometimes that's inconvenient too. I decided to type up a few messages that would be especially helpful at the party.

I used a circle punch to cut them out.

Then I glued them to a larger thicker background piece of punched out paper. These pieces were then strung on a necklace and could be selected and shown as needed.

I realize its silly, but its not like I can tell a joke or anything right now!

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Tanya M said...

That's a great idea.
If you don't mind, there is a little typo: "I had vocal chord surgery anD can't speak for a week.
Have a great party and a quick recovery.