Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Princess Party Post

Oops! Sorry! I edited and organized all these pictures from the princess party, and then went out of town and lost all momentum. Don't forget, I was recovering from surgery (and from throwing a big party immediately after surgery!) Tomorrow we celebrate the 4th if July.... and baby Joshua's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! While I frantically tie up loose ends.... and bake his cake.... enjoy the details of Lydia's special day!

First, the food. Usually I obsess over making themed food, but with surgery looming I let PJ handle dinner and my mom graciously bought (gasp!) a store bought cake. I have to say it was PERFECT! Lydia's friends don't care if the food fits the theme! They care if they recognize the food. PJ made hot dogs and they LOVED it. He also carved one of his famous watermelons, in the shape if Cinderella's carriage.

He even made mice out if pears to pull the carriage and a driver from an assortment of fruits.

By Saturday I felt well enough to even skewer some fruit kabob wands.

My sister agreed to make a beverage for the grown ups and I purchased some juice bottles for the kids. I added princess stickers to match the colors of the juice. These were super simple but a lot of fun.

Most of the party was spent outside with the kids enjoying the playhouse and barn.

The only activity I planned was crown (or pirate hat) decorating and stringing beads to make jewelry. I had a few of our older kid friends help supervise the crafts.

Even Joshua had fun with the crowns and wands.

After a while, it was time to head inside for snacks, cake, and gifts.... But first we had a surprise visit from CINDERELLA!!!!

After saying hello, Cinderella shared that she was looking for her lost shoe.

We just happened to have an extra shoe, so all the girls got to try it on!

Then Cinderella posed for pictures and said her goodbyes.

The birthday girl blew out her candles ....

...and opened her gifts. It was a wonderful day and I am SO thankful for everyone who stepped in while I quietly recovered!

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afox2472 said...

What is the brand name of the juice bottles you got for the party?