Saturday, July 6, 2013


OK, We (PJ, the kids, and myself) are not moving, but a big part of how we document our lives is.  This blog is getting a spiffy new update and a new web address.  This blog has morphed and changed, from something originally conceived to update family on our daughter to the place where I post all my crafty ideas and experiments.  Our family is no longer just Liddy B and Me and this blog isn't either.  Changing the blog name, address, and mostly concept, has been an idea for a long time.  I have been agonizing over who I am, what I do, what I want to do and trying to find a name that fits.  Here's what I have figured out.

I like to make magic happen, by taking something old and giving it a new life.  I like to make things that make people happy.  I like to make lots of different things based on what is needed or what is available.  I will never make the same thing over and over.  I am inspired by a challenge.  I have been given a gift and I want to share that gift.

With all that in mind, and while planning the Cinderella party for Lydia, I kept thinking about the pumpkin. That plain, ordinary, overlooked pumpkin that the quirky godmother saw as pure potential.  The pumpkin that literally became the vehicle for magic. The Re-purposed Pumpkin!

Suddenly, I had found one phrase to sum up all that I am and do and want to be; magical transformations, taking something from ordinary to extraordinary, and creating childlike joy!  I am really excited to move this blog, Liddy B and Me ( my new blog, The Repurposed Pumpkin (  I hope that you will join in on the magic and follow me over to the new website.  You can also get frequent updates on the Repurposed Pumpkin Facebook Page and very soon you will be able to purchase some of my creations on the Repurposed Pumpkin Etsy site.

While we all transition to the new site, I'll post reminders here to come join the fun over at The Repurposed Pumpkin.  I do hope to see you there!

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