Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Dessert Table

Can I brag about this cake? My FIRST fondant cake! My first 4th of July cake for Joshua's FIRST birthday? It makes me so happy!

I started with this recipe for doctoring a cake mix and this recipe for butter cream frosting. The frosting was REALLY thick! It was touted as a good frosting to use with the paper towel frosting smoothing trick that I keep hearing about. Not familiar with the paper towel trick? Here's the video I watched to learn it.

Because I was doing fondant decorations, I decided to save the smooth buttercream for another day and opted for all fondant using this recipe for a fondant made with marshmallows and colored chocolate melts.

First I made white fondant and covered a 6 inch cake.

Next I added red fondant stripes and frosted a 4 inch cake on top.

Finally I added a layer of blue fondant and fifty stars. I just wet the back of the fondant to make the stars and the stripes stick.

I made cupcakes with the extra batter and frosting. I added more fondant stars and little flags.

I also made mini versions of strawberry pie, based on this Shoney's copycat recipe. i just poured it into pre made mini graham cracker pie crusts. This type of pie is PJ's favorite but they all disappeared before he got to eat one, so it looks like I'll be making more soon!

While the rest of us enjoyed cupcakes and pie, Joshua was a little confused about what to do with his fondant covered cake.

Once we broke through the fondant coating, Joshua was able to have his cake and eat it too!

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