Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Talking Until Next Thursday!

I had surgery today. Nothing serious, just a quick trip to laser off a polyp on a vocal chord. Not sure how it got there, but now its gone. The good news is I feel WAY better than I thought I might feel. (I tend to get REALLY nauseated after anesthesia, which is REALLY awful after throat surgery) So far so good! So, why I work on DIYing some new vocal chord tissue, here are a couple of projects from this week.

In addition to completing ALL the major "to do" items on my list (did I mention surgery was TWO DAYS before the big princess party), I found time to make a Cinderella dress for Lydia's American Girl doll!

The fun part, for me at least, was that I made it all from up-cycled clothing! The blue shiny fabric came from a night shirt I found at a thrift store for $2. The main reason I bought it, besides the price, was that patch of lace. It was a pocket on the nightshirt.

The hem of the nightshirt curved up at the side seams, so I used that feature as a design detail on the front center of the skirt.

I needed an underskirt, so I used one of Lydia's petti-coats. I just gathered it even tighter, which made the whole dress even more full.

In other news, the party provided a great reason to finish a few projects around the house, like FINALLY arranging some pictures in our dining room.

I saw a grouping of pictures that I liked on Pinterest and followed that pattern. The best thing was I made paper templates for each frame so I could move them around easily until I found a pattern I liked. Then it was SO EASY to mark the position for the picture hanger on the template and put the nail right through the template and into the correct spot on the wall.

Finally, I got this old window for $3 and the BEST PART was the openings are each 8x10! I turned 6 pictures into black and whites and sent them to Walgreens for one hour developing. The pictures cost way more than the frame, but it is so awesome, I don't care! Besides, I can't talk for a week so my husband won't hear the total cost from me!

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