Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finally, A Finished Playhouse!

Last summer, after winning our episode of TLC's Craft Wars by building a schoolhouse themed playhouse, PJ and I wanted to build one for our kids. (No we did NOT get to keep the playhouse that we built on the show!)

We ended up building one playhouse for EACH of our kids, as divergent ideas resulted in both a traditional house and one shaped like a barn.

In preparation for Lydia's birthday party, and about a year after it was started, we are ready to call the play area FINISHED! I am SO proud of all that PJ did for our kids. Here's a little tour. First the outside and inside of Lydia's playhouse.

It looks small from the front, but extends off the back,

I love that PJ turned an old stump into a teeter totter!

There is a sandbox and room for 4 to swing.

There is a kiddy pool and then the barn, which has a drive in ramp for Lydia's electric toy car. The barn also has a little loft space with a ladder in the silo.

And finally, there is a kiddy version of a trapeze bar hanging from a tree limb. It is all SO super cute and such an amazing gift that PJ has created for this family. Happy birthdays Lydia and Joshua!

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