Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Projected Paintings

On my last day of school before summer break I was finished with my teacher duties by 11am. I could have left, but there was a party planned around 5 and with my hour long commute, I didn't want to go home in between. So, I used the time, and the projector in my room, to get some painting done.

Remember this image that I digitally colored in photoshop? I wanted something painted on the wall behind the food table for the princess party soI used this image. I projected it onto the paper and in a few minutes I had this painting.

Next I wanted a long painting decoration that could serve as a photo backdrop. I didn't want a picture of Cinderella because I am hoping we will have a teenage friend dress up and make an appearance. Instead, I painted the castle and the carriage.

At that point I was getting tired, but I still had a few hours until the party. I owed a friend a pet portrait similar to the one I made of my dog last year. I had a really good digital image to work from, so I started this project with the projector as well.

At some point, when I needed to see all the details the projector wasn't helping anymore so I finished the painting on my own. Three paintings in one day, not a bad start to my summer break!

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Samantha said...

I'm throwing a Cinderella party this year, too! I am so jealous of your talent - I've been hoping to do something similar for backdrops as well.

Can't wait to see Liddy's party :)