Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crafting a Fairy Tale Timepiece

I found this black plastic clock at our church flea market for close to nothing! I got so excited about turning it into Cinderella's clock (hands pointed almost to midnight) that I forgot to take a "before" picture.

At this point I had already started painting the black plastic swirls gold. I was planning on just painting the trim around the clock and leaving the face alone. There was a brand name written on the clock face and I was hoping to cover it up with some black permanent marker. You can still see it, and the overall look of the dark background still seemed too modern to me.

A quick search of Google images found a lot of vintage clock faces that I could easily size as an image in Word and print on white paper. Here I have removed the clock hands and glued the new paper clock face to the clock. It's such a big improvement, I could have stopped here. But I wanted the feeling of an old fairy tale and this clock looked too new and clean!

I used my favorite antiquing trick, quickly brushing on a watery layer of brown paint and wiping it off from the high places, to instantly add age. The hands have been added and they will stay, frozen in time, making it eternally a few moments before Cinderella's magical evening has to end.

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