Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Changing a Problem Pair into Cinderella's Lost Shoe

Can you believe that I almost DONATED these shoes to Goodwill?!? To be fair, they didn't look like this when I tried to give them away, but the potential was there and thankfully the universe conspired to help me see it!

I hadn't worn these black satin shoes in a long time so I put them with a bunch of other items and took them to the local Goodwill donation center. Weeks later I found this ONE shoe rolling around my trunk. Ugh! Too late to do anything about it and too useless to donate! So I put it in my craft supplies and forgot about it.

And then it hit me! I am planning a Cinderella princess party for my daughter's birthday. I don't have a lost shoe, I have CINDERELLA's lost SHOE! (Or at least I have the materials and the inspiration to transform this shoe into a Cinderella shoe)

First, I painted the black shoe a light purple color.

Next came the glitter glue!

It was looking better, but not quite magical so I added some lace trim.

Now this abandoned shoe is looking like something a fairy godmother might create.

I plan on setting the shoe on a fancy pillow at the party and think it will be a lot of fun to let the little girls try on the shoe. It won't fit any of them, of course, but they will enjoy trying. Besides it should fit the beautiful blond teenager from our church who has agreed to appear at the party in her light blue prom dress! Shhh. Don't tell Lydia about it! Every princess deserves some magic on her special day!

The more I look at this shoe, the more I feel like every girl deserves a pair of magic shoes. Even if you aren't making party props, you should totally glitter up a pair if shoes and declare yourself a princess for the day!

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