Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Teacher Bouquet!

I bought a bunch of mini candy canes on after Christmas clearance figuring that I would make the candy cane chocolate hearts, like I did last year, for Lydia's school this year.  (Sorry, I could have SWORN that I did a full tutorial last time, so I didn't bother doing one this year.)  When I decided to make the 3D tootsie pop photo cards instead, I felt kind of bad about all those candy canes going to waste.  So I made a batch anyway and turned them into a bouquet of treats for Lydia's teachers.
I had a round paper tub from raisins that we recently finished, so I set it in the middle of a sheet of tissue paper.  I puled the tissue up to cover the raisin container and used a black ribbon to hold everything in place.  I had a couple small Whitman's Sampler boxes of chocolate, so I put two in the bottom of the container to weigh it down and then set two more on top of the first two so some are initially visible. (I would hate for the heart pops to get eaten and the chocolate boxes to get thrown away!)  Next I started sliding the chocolate candy cane heart pops in around the chocolate boxes.  The picture of the front doesn't look very full, but I think I got 7 or so pops and then 4 boxes of chocolate into the bouquet. (Lydia has 4 teachers and several after school helpers so their should be plenty to go around)
We used one of Lydia's 3D Valentines and just replaced the Tootsie Pop with a Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Pop so everything matches, but her name is on her gift.
Here is the view from the back, showing a better view of all of the goodies.  Hopefully Lydia's teacher's and helpers enjoy the treats!

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Jory said...

I love the idea, especially that 3D card you attached! Simple yet thoughtful... I'm sure her teachers found the gesture wonderful. I'd like to try something similar for next year!

- Jory Prison