Monday, February 27, 2012

Chocolate Mustaches

This SHOULD be the final post on PJ's Mustache Themed 40th birthday party.  I had hoped to wrap it up MUCH sooner, but a nasty stomach virus hit our house and threw everything off kilter.  Once again, I think that we are recovered and at the moment I actually don't even have a cold!! (Whoo Hoo!)
 I decided that I wanted to do a festive and edible party favor for the party and was SO excited to find these mustache molds online.  Below is a picture of what they should look like when finished.  
Unfortunately, my molds did not arrive on time, so I had to improvise.  Here is what I did.
Using the "chocolate transfer" technique, I placed a piece of clear overhead projector plastic on top of a mustache shaped pattern. ( I had just punched a ton of mustaches out of dark paper for my mustache straws, so I used the scrap pieces with the mustache shaped holes.) Next I melted chocolate in a plastic ziplock bag.  That way I could cut a small hole in a corner and control the melted chocolate like a piping bag.  I outlined the mustache and then filled it with chocolate. I didn't worry too much about the texture or the design looking like hair at this point (the far left shows this step). While the chocolate was still liquid, I set a sucker stick in the proper location.  I let it harden for a few minutes and then squeezed out a second layer of chocolate, covering the stick and making the mustache thicker in the middle.  Finally, I came back a few minutes later and added some zigzag lines to make the mustache look "hairy".
To display them, I decided to print the same image that I used on PJ's stickers, only on cover stock paper.  I cut them in a rectangle, laid the mustache under his nose, and slid the stick through a small hole near the bottom of the paper to keep it from moving around too much.  I slid the whole thing in a bag and tied it with a string.  The mustache pops were finished and so is this party post!

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