Sunday, February 19, 2012

40th Birthday Mustache Bash!

My husband turns 40 next weekend.  I have been working all week on throwing together fun stuff for a surprise "stash bash".  I have been itching to share what I was working on, but it was a surprise party, so I had to keep it under wraps until now. 
A friend hooked me up with a great (free) deal at a local sports bar, so they provided some appetizers and pool tables.  I couldn't really decorate a sports bar, but I wanted some sort of organizing theme.  After a short search on Pinterest, I decided a mustache theme would be fun.  PJ almost always has some type of facial hair and mustaches are masculine and trendy right now.  I did a quick evite.  Since they didn't have any mustache themed designs, I settled on a generic evite design that allowed for a photo upload.  I photo shopped a handlebar mustache over his normal mustache.  I borrowed some fun phrases, like "I mustache you to shave the date, and the invite was done!
This being and adult "guy" party I probably didn't need to do much more, but I couldn't help myself.  I decided to spread some party favors around our area of the bar to encourage guests to cut loose and have a good time.  I found these small Woolly Willy party favors and got a dozen.  A few friends were actually uploading pictures of their creations to face book, so I think they were a hit!
We HAD to have fake mustaches!  I found a really good deal on 3 dozen (WAY more than I needed but they were SO MUCH FUN!)  They got in the way of eating, so having extras was a good thing.
 Here are a few of the party goers enjoying the mustaches.
 And here is the birthday boy making sure that we didn't have too many extras at the end of the night.
In case anyone wasn't interested in wearing a stick on mustache,  I made some "straw stashes".  When you sip through the straw, the mustache was right in front of your upper lip.  Being at a bar, there were plenty of beverages being sipped!  
These were SUPER simple, considering that my Silhouette machine cut all the mustache shapes for me.  I just used a hole punch to make a hole mid-mustache and then inserted a bendable straw. (I didn't get a good photo of mine, so this one came from HGTV, but mine looked the same)
 My sister suggested doing something to let everyone at the bar know that it was PJs party, so I made these stickers.  I was surprised by all the new interesting Avery labels that were available. I thought this shape would be fun for adding a PJ photo an some clever phrasing.  I used the same image from the invitation, but turned it into a black and white outline using photo shop. (I found an easy tutorial here) There are a few other details that I crafted, but I am going to save them for a later post. I am fighting yet ANOTHER cold, so I "mustache" you to be patient with me!

Check out the chocolate mustaches from the party HERE.
Check out PJ's mustache portrait HERE

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