Friday, February 3, 2012

Crafty Clothing!

Do you think a person can make a living as a personal thrift store shopper?  As in, you tell me what you need, kids cloths in certain sizes or a specific style of dress, and I hunt it for you?  Maybe not, but I certainly do enjoy offering my services to my friends as a courtesy.  I am always excited when I find just the right thing for myself, but I am probably double excited to find something that a friend needs.  Especially when it is a special request for a special occasion.  This week I found two items that friends had asked for help. 
A while back a friend sent me this picture.  It is a turn of the century gown that was part of a Titanic exhibit.  Her daughter was in love with the dress and wanted something similar for prom.  She wanted to know if I could make it.  Now I sew, but I am not a really detail oriented fitted and tailored type of sewer.  If I need that sort of thing I am much happier to buy something that is close and Frankenstein it together.  I immediately responded that we needed to find two dresses, preferably at a thrift store; one blue strapless dress and one wedding dress with nice lace.  
I have been looking and looking and THIS was the first blue prom dress that I found. I got really excited and sent a picture and the location of the dress to the mom.  I couldn't find a size or a price and it was at Goodwill, which tends to be a little pricey for a thrift store.  Formal dresses, especially, are often priced at $50 and up.  That isn't a lot compared to a new prom dress, but when it is an ingredient in a bigger project, it can add up.  So here is the BEST news.  The mom was told that is was a $10 dress.  Not BAD!  Even BETTER, she noticed a rip at the hem and when she asked about it they cut the price in half!  So $5 for the perfect color and shape for the foundation of the dress.  We still have to find that wedding dress lace, but the prom project is off to a good start!
Project number two is a wedding dress.  I don't EVEN want to think about sewing a wedding dress!  This is the inspiration image....except that she wants it to be RED!  I want to help, but no matter how much the bride to be tries to convince me that it is "just like sewing curtains", I do NOT want to sew all that lace.  It is WAY above my skill level.  So I am desperate to find SOMETHING for this project, but not very optimistic.
And then I saw this.  It's red, and lace, and French, and silk, and also did not have a price listed. It had a size, but being a French garment it was a European size, so after Cheryl math and Google conversion charts we think it might work and are going to check it out this weekend.  Wish us luck that it is still there, that it does fit, and that the price isn't outrageous! 

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