Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Fabrics for the Circus Nursery

Sorry to be posting so little the last few weeks.  I am STILL fighting this never ending (3 1/2 week+) cold!  Mostly I am sleeping as much as possible to try and get healthy.  I have an ultrasound in about an hour, so should have some pictures to post soon.  While I still don't know what gender we are dealing with, and I don't feel well enough to actually make much, and I am still submitting TONS of paperwork for the major exciting deal that I am not allowed to talk about (still nothing official to report but we are still in the running and it is getting SO SO close to a decision) I have been searching the Internet and pinning pins to my Pinterest Baby Board. 
Yesterday I stumbled on some amazing fabric that is too perfect of a match to Lydia's nursery fabrics not to make SOMETHING out of it.  Here is a view of Lydia's circus train car crib, which was my circus train car crib back in the 1970's.  My dad made it and I am so happy that he put so much care into it.  I also have to thank my sister for storing it through about 20 years when no one needed or wanted it.  I repainted it a more modern (less 1970's orangish) red and added stenciling and some decorative hardware.
I wasn't sure that I was making all the bedding, but I walked into a fabric store that was going out of business and found all these blue and red and green and gold fabrics.  I had my color pallet, but I didn't have any specific projects in mind.  I just bought random amounts, basically all that I could afford or all that they had.  it was a going out of business sale, so I got a TON of fabric and I made a crib sheet, a LONG bed skirt, I covered a car seat, and still had enough to get my mom to make a quilt and a bumper.  I had NO scraps left of that original fabric.
 Then I found these brand new Michael Miller fabrics and I am in LOVE!!!! I don't know what I need to coordinate with the room, but I WILL make something with these patterns.
 I am itching to cover another car seat, we had 2 for Lydia and I used one so much that it is worn out and the other is still the boring factory design.... from several years ago!  I am restraining myself because it is definitely NOT on sale, but I will definitely be buying SOME of this circus-y gorgeousness.  I'll let you know what I do with it soon!

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