Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

 So, this 3D Valentine has been bouncing around the blog world for a while and I am certain that with the advent of Pinterest, even more moms are opting for this simple semi-homemade Valentine's Day card.  I have no idea who came up with it initially but I did find a good tutorial here.  I half expect to show up with Lydia's cards, only to discover that EVERYONE else saw the same idea (thanks again, Pinterest)!  Oh well!  I was happy to realize that even with one hour developing, I was around $10 for the 60 photos I needed (Lydia's school is combining classes for a super HUGE party).  I could have saved some cash, but I would have needed to plan ahead and that just wasn't happening this month!
Step one: I selected a day when Lydia was not covered in dirt after school and asked her to pose for me.  Thankfully she cooperated with the whole "hold your arm up, now put your hand like this, now look at me, now smile" directions, for about 5 minutes.  I only got 5 quick photos before she lost interest and this is the best one in terms of hand position and smile.  It is not ideal in terms of layout because the hand is too close to the edge of the picture.
Enter Photoshop!  I planned on using PS to add the text, but I also bumped up the saturation of the colors a little and cut the extra grass from the right side of the picture and moved it to the left side of the picture.  I added a pink box and wrote a Valentine's message.  Hopefully this gets me out of asking Lydia to sign her name to 60 cards!
I punched holes just above and just below Lydia's fist.  I then inserted the Tootsie Pop sucker and I was finished! (well, OK..... I repeated those last two steps SIXTY times and THEN I was finished!)  I am SO happy with Lydia's adorable 3D Tootsie Pop Valentine's Day cards.  Here's hoping her little friends enjoy them too.

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