Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Circus Celebration

Here's hoping that no one minds one more crafting post about things that I actually am not crafting at the moment.   I PROMISE that I am FINALLY (after 4 weeks of a killer cold and 4 previous weeks of early pregnancy nausea) feeling better and getting going again.  You can imagine after so long that I have a ton of mundane chores to catch up on, but there are already a few projects in the works.  Unfortunately, everything that I am working on right now are gifts for people so I have to wait to share them.  For the time being, dreaming about and planning stuff for the new baby makes me very aware that I was not blogging while dreaming about and planning stuff for Lydia.  I want her to know all the things that were made and arranged for her before she (and this blog) were born.  First on the list was Lydia's Circus Celebration.
 I was blessed with multiple groups of friends who through amazing baby showers.  But when your art teacher friends get together to plan a circus themed party because they know that you are designing a circus themed nursery, the results are bound to be a lot of fun.  These were a few ideas that we bounced around for the invitation.
 I knew about the invitations, but was surprised by just about everything else at the party.  They used popcorn boxes for flower vases.  They chose yellow flowers to replicate the feeling of popcorn.  There were printed pennants that said our names attached to sticks with foil streamers and balloons.
 The cake was made to look like a tent and there are more popcorn boxes filled with food. 
 The art teachers got the graphic design teacher to make a circus poster with our picture on it.
 There were circus stuffed animals used as decorations, that were given to me after the party to add to Lydia's nursery.  I was given a feather boa to wear instead of a corsage.  I am sure that I said thank you to my friends who planned the party, but now I am very excited to blog about their amazing skills and even more amazing friendship!

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