Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Preparations

I don't decorate my house for Valentine's Day, but I do try to make Lydia's Valentines. I am sure some day she will protest and beg for cheap store bought cards, but for now she has no say in the matter, so away I go. I saw this cute idea on Craftzine, one of my favorite crafty idea websites. Luckily i saw it right around the time left over Christmas merchandise was discounted 90%These are white chocolate, candy cane valentine pops! I think they are SO cute and the best news is, they were SO easy. I bought a few overhead projector plastic sheets a few years ago because if you put melted chocolate on it, the chocolate can be peeled off easily once it cools. So all I did was lay the canes on the plastic in a heart shape, melt the chocolate in a zip lock baggie, snip the end so it pours out and fill the middle of the heart. I sprinkled them before they cooled, but plain white looked nice too.
Luckily I made them last weekend, figuring that I would have this weekend to wrap and tag them, because Thursday morning daycare informed me that the party would be FRIDAY. So after work, and after book club I bagged and tagged and counted and packed 12 for Lydia to take in the morning. I didn't know where any thick paper was to make a tag, but I had a deck of cards, so I used one of the fancy Stampin' Up paper punches to make a little tag. I had to position the punch pretty carefully, but I was just able to get 12 tags that each have a heart on them. Here's hoping no one wants to play poker any time soon!

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