Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daddy was a Drag Queen!

Let me start by saying that my husband is a very good sport! Once he decides to do something, no matter how ridiculous, he is an all or nothing kind of guy....or in this case gal!Our church does a lot of really fun FUNdraisers and one of our favorites is the Mz. Good Shepherd pageant. When we first heard about it, we misheard that it was the Mrs. Good Shepherd pageant and we were trying to get our beautiful married friend Kelly to compete. Boy were we surprised when we saw that year's competitors!

This year it was PJ's turn to participate. I told him he had to create a character (the biography is one of the three rounds) and he told me he was the "All American Girl Next Door"! So cleaver! We decided to play up his manly features and turn him into Helga Schwartzenager, Arnold's cousin who immigrated and embraced all things American.

Helga is into Rhythmic Gymnastics! How funny is that for the talent portion! PJ/Helga warmed up by lifting a car engine over his/her head and then frolicked around the parish hall waiving a ribbon in the air.

Finally, it was the question and answer portion. We decided Helga should wear an evening gown. I just happened to have an American flag inspired ball gown in my costume bin. ( I must admit, it is a pretty good costume collection!) It needed a few alterations to make it big enough for Helga, so it counted as one of my Things a Day that I made. I also made Helga's gymnastics outfit. It was originally a really large polyester gown, so I just cut off the skirt and added several of those pleated patriotic banners that normally hang in a half circle on porches. That project was a little more involved and counted as Thing a Day #2. But enough about me and my creations......
Back to Helga! She seemed to enjoy herself! And Lydia laughed SO hard each time Drag Queen Daddy took to the stage. OK, so did I!

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