Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A while back, I signed up to do this Thing-A-Day thing. It is a creative deal and designed to get people committed to make one new thing each day of February. They have a website where people post their creations each day. So, apparently, there were around 700 members on February 1. I know this because right before February started, my e-mail inbox exploded. Apparently the default setting on the membership was to have EVERYTHING emailed to you. Every post (from each of the 700 members) about each item on each day, PLUS every comment that 700 people could make on 700 other peoples creations. I went in numerous times to reset to NO emails, NEVER EVER and I would have 50 more emails in the next few minutes. So, I unsubscribed and decided to share my creations daily on Face Book and weekly on the blog.

Of course, with so much time spent making stuff recently, I have not found a lot of time for picture taking or blogging about what I have been making. So here is a little bit of a recap. One of my classes at school is making sock sculptures, so I decided to join in on the fun. These two little birdies were easy enough that I could finish one a day, hence thing 1 and thing 2 for February 1 and 2. I found the basic idea on this website.
I had a day or so where I had to claim "making dinner" for my thing I made each day. At that point I wised up and decided that making progress on something that I was interested in was better than finishing something just to be able to have something finished. So this sock skeleton took several days to complete. I think he was worth the effort and am happy with the way he turned out. The basic directions for a sock skeleton can be found at this website.

Finally, I have been working a little bit on a painting that I started a LONG time ago. This was started after a workshop with Anna Maria Horner. In fact, those are a few of her fabrics glued to the canvas. The general idea is that you glue fabric to a canvas and use that to create background textures and patterns behind your painting. I have made several paintings using this technique. You can use just one fabric or several. They can be in abstract patterns, like this background, or cut out to make specific objects, like that tree. I think it is a really great way to start a work of art, but if you are feeling less creative you can just paint a simple shape on top of the fabric. Such a great idea it earned Anna Maria a spot on Martha! So JEALOUS!

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