Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas Re-cap!

Ooops. Somehow I never got to post about our trip to see Santa Clause. I think might be because it was traumatic for both of us.... and because the pictures did not end up on my camera as planned, because of the trauma and drama. I was SO excited to take Lydia to see Santa this year, because SHE was actually excited about Santa this year. This would be her third year going to see the man in red, but this was the first time she knew what was going on. She had done so well on her other visits to see St. Nick (at 6 months and 18 months) so I was getting all worked up over the fact that THIS year she would actually be able to talk to Santa!

My mom met us at the mall and as we have done in the past, we let Lydia ride the toy train. Then we waited in line and when it was our turn, we had Aunti take Lydia to meet Santa, while I got ready with my camera. We had talked with her about saying hi to Santa while we were in line and Lydia wasn't a bit worried.
But when Aunti tried to pass her off to Santa, Lydia clung to her for dear life. So it was my turn. Aunti Jen took the camera and I tried to position Lydia on Santa's lap.
No luck, so I tried to re-group and come at it from a different angle. At this point I would have been fine with the goofy screaming kid on Santa's lap picture. Lydia wasn't going to let it get that far. She went limp, she clung to me, she ran away.
Finally, we settled for this compromise. See my hands? I ended up posing in front of Santa with Lydia on my lap (while I balanced on my hurt knee!) I was not expecting to be on camera that day, so I won't show you the full shot.
Look at that smirk of vindication. She got her way and the old man gave her a cookie anyway! She wouldn't even look at him to get the cookie, though. She buried her head in my shirt and reached one arm back to take it. Oh, well. Only 10 months or so until we try it again!

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