Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Words of Wisdom Wednesday 3/2/11

First of all, this may or may not show up as a Wednesday post. I DID start it on Wednesday, but never got to finish it. To explain my tardiness on this post, Lydia and I both got sick on Saturday with a stomach virus. She seemed to clear it pretty quickly, but I lingered in illness land for four full days, with little interest in food and even less ability to correctly digest what I did eat. No kidding, I lost 10 pounds in 4 days. I gained most of it back once I was back on solid food, but I was wiped out. By day 3 of my illness, Lydia got a raging fever, probably a secondary infection related to the initial stomach virus, so we were off to the pediatrician and then Children's Hospital and back to the pediatrician for follow up. Ugh! I returned to work Wednesday and have been swamped until today.
So, back to what I did start typing on Wednesday......This week's words of wisdom are a spin off of last week's "everyone needs to get away and find their inner Sistine." If you are a close friend of mine, than you have probably heard me ramble on and on about any major decision. At some point in one of these discussions a good friend told me " No matter what you are worried about doing, there is always someone you can think of who is doing it with fewer resources."

I can very quickly get overwhelmed being a wife to a man who can't seem to stop working, the housewife in a house that is constantly under construction, a teacher at a school that is an hour commute from my house, an artist who can't seem to find enough time for all the ideas in my head, and then mom to the first of hopefully a few kids. That last one, that's the biggie.

I would like to have more kids, but the constant debate in my head is when. I want kids close enough together to play with each other, but not so close that my crazy life spins out of control. One has been pretty manageable, but I am certain that two is more than twice the work. Being out-numbered by little people scares me! I know that there will be sacrifices and trade offs and I probably just need that push that says that it will be OK.

That's when my friend's words of wisdom help out a lot. Remembering that other people manage these things everyday and often with fewer resources than I have helps me to be thankful for what I am fortunate enough to have. It also helps me to trust in my ability to manage new situations a little more. So that's it. A little discombobulated due to sickness and the toddler who is begging me to put away my "puter", but I suppose somewhere a single mom of twins is typing her own blog entry on less sleep than I got last night!

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