Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lydia celebrated St. Patrick's Day at daycare with her friends. They hunted leprechaun's and apparently JUST missed one, because when they got up from their naps the milk was green (so was the toilet water!) and their were gold coin chocolate candies for everyone. There were only 3 kids at daycare today. One has no hair, but the other two are redheads. Don't they look cute in their leprechaun hats!
While Lydia was playing, I did a lot of computer work. When I took a break, and I took MANY, I worked on the image for the Lydia's birthday invitation. I found this GREAT image on The Graphics Fairy website. If you aren't familiar, she posts tons of high quality copy write free images AND she indexes them so they are easy to search through. I liked the basic idea, but just couldn't leave well enough alone. Partly I like having a reason to practice my photo shop skills. Mostly, once you know you can customize things, it is hard to accept the few items that don't make you really happy. Also, I really hate those algae eater fish that were in the bottom left corner. AND I really like octopuses and seahorses, so in came the changes. You wouldn't believe how much I have obsessed over tiny details and I am still not convinced it is completely finished. The new elements still pop out a bit too much, but you get the idea.

I still have to work out the wording. I like to rhyme, so I was thinking something like...
"Join us on a voyage
as we travel under the sea,
to celebrate that Lydia
will soon be turning 3."
Hmmmmm. Still a work in progress. Ideas or suggestions about the image or the words are welcomed as long as they stay clear of anything too Disney!

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