Wednesday, March 16, 2011

W.O. W. Wednessday: Eating Better

I have struggled with what I eat (and how much I weigh as a result of what I eat) for a LONG time now. I have learned a lot, but still have trouble putting it all into practice.
Being responsible for what another human being eats really ups the stakes of my own personal food issues. Recently I have found 2 new tools that I hope will help. One is an app for my new android phone, my fitness pal. Like anything it works if you use it and I still have my moments when I choose not to use it, but it is an easy way to look up and track calories. The other is a website all about healthy eating. The website was started by the dad of a design blogger that I follow so, while it provides solid information, it is really well laid out and has pretty pictures. Since finding the Word of Wisdom website, I am trying to get more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It's all the same stuff I have always heard to eat more of, but usually the focus has been on eating fruits and vegetables because they are lower in calories. I am beginning to get a more complete images of the complex nature of nutrients in our food and the even more complex nature of the food industry and the reasons they promote the foods that they do. It's important stuff, seeing as I have such a sweet mouth to feed.

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